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How would I know the brand and type of my garage door?

The number of kinds of garage doors is limited. Look at a list online or in a book and compare your garage door with what’s on the list – it may be rollup, overhead, sliding, swinging, or others. As for the brand, it’s usually written somewhere the garage door.

How long does installation take?

Garage door installation can take as short as 3 hours for a couple of experienced people, give and take a few hours, especially if there’s an existing door that has to be removed. Our experts also say that the smaller and simpler the garage door is, the easier it is to install.

How can I quite down my overhead door?

Garage door noises are usually attributed to lack of lubrication since steel parts rub one against the other and produce these awful noises. Our experts also recommend tightening all fasteners well or they will cause vibrations. You should also check the springs and make sure the garage door tracks are not damaged.

How high or low should the garage door sensors be positioned?

Also known as the photo eyes of door openers, photosensors are usually positioned two inches above the ground. This might seem too low but it is a reasonable height since the sensors should be able to detect almost everything significant at this height, from kids to pets and small solid objects that may damage the door panel.

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