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Top tips! The best garage door ideas! Find out how to maintain them properly and how to avoid mistakes

Have back-up power supply

One problem with automatic garage doors is when the power goes out. Newer garage doors can run on a battery supply, but for those that don’t, no power means that the door would not move. Have a back-up power supply for your garage door to avoid any further inconvenience of a power outage.

Clear the way

Garage doors are big moving pieces of metal or slabs of wood. Although it is an obvious thing to do, there are those who do not clear the way of their garage door’s movement. For instance, doors that swing outward can hit cars or people. Our experts say that clearing the path of garage doors is imperative.

Clean your steel garage door

When cleaning steel doors, use mild detergent and water. If your door is a pre-painted steel door, apply a car wax to its exterior to help protect it from weather elements. If your door is laminated over steel, do not use abrasive cleaners, as these can damage the lamination and paint. Never use acid based cleaning products.

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