Step by Step Guide Garage Door Spring Replacement

Step by Step Guide Garage Door Spring Replacement

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Springs are essential for the garage door to counterbalance the weight of the door. Without them, it will be difficult for you to open or close the garage. With time, these springs are bound to give in to wear and tear. This is when a replacement becomes necessary. However, this exercise requires intensive care to protect you from injury as well as preventing the springs from breaking. Here are some tips to help you effectively replace a garage door broken spring;

Prepare the workplace

Step by Step Guide Garage Door Spring ReplacementBefore embarking on the exercise, it is important clear the area of any obstruction that can cause you accidents. Dealing with these high-tension springs is a real task and can get even worse where you have to work in confined areas.

Fix the door in down position

It is crucial to disconnect the garage door opener from the radial arm, to eliminate any possibility of the opener being activated as you replace the torsion springs. This will ensure that you perform the broken spring repair in a safe environment.

Unwind the spring slowly

If you have a two-car garage, then you will have two springs for the door. In the event where only one spring has broken, you will only need to open one of them. Start by locating the winding cone, which in most cases faces away from the garage door. Using the winding bar press it up.

Gradually release pressure

As you hold the winding bar with one hand, use the other hand to loosen the two set screws until you can easily move it. This must be done slowly since if you happen to lose the grip on the winding bar, in particular, when dealing with overhead door springs, it can swing and cause you injury.

Repeat the process to reinstall

Once you are done replacing the torsion springs, repeat the process with the same care and attention. New springs are highly tensile and can break or cause injury.

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